About us

About us - Our aim is to to promote the relations between, and the knowledge of, Wales and Catalonia and an understanding and knowledge of Cymru & Catalunya in respect of History, Politics, Gastronomy, Art, Sports, Literature, Music, Poetry and Language etc

Secretary of the Association is Peter Harris a Welshman living in Sitges, Catalonia with his partner Neil - also an Association member. Peter is from Cardiff and was Wales Secretary for the Public & Commercial Services Union before he retired. His interests include Spanish Civil War history, travel and walking his dog Luna.

Brandon Jones (Chair of the Association) one of the founder members, is also a Welshman running a Cocktail bar in Sitges. Before this he was in the Alcohol industry for many years travelling the world - as well as a Rugby referee. Clearly booze and rugby mix well ! Brandon was born in the Rhondda and can speak a number of languages. 

Neil Thomas - the one with the money ! - Association Treasurer.

Juan Font (Board Member) is a proud Catalan and another founder member. Born in Barcelona but now in Sitges running the Casablanca Cocktail bar with Brandon. He can speak Catalan, Spanish and English. He also knows some Welsh words and says he wants to visit Portmeirion in North Wales.

Deleme Harries (Board Member)  is also one of the founder members of the association. A Welshman living in England who loves to visit Catalonia and Sitges in particular. He has been known to have one or two drinks in a well known Sitges Cocktail bar. Anyone know which one ?